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Italian Leather Apron - Wootten

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It's true. Wearing a leather apron with solid brass fixtures turns you into the kind of person who can reverse boat trailers without jack knifing, lay fires that take straight away and win gin rummy no matter what cards are dealt. Completely hand made in Melbourne, Wootten's sturdy machinist apron features a clever brace design with Italian leather and English elastic strapping across the shoulders (rather than around the neck) so that it's comfortable to wear - whether you're grooming the horses or whisking the egg whites. A large pocket big enough for an A5 notebook or a couple of garden trowels, a smaller pocket for your phone and a special slot for your pencils are all hand stitched on the smock.

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Jess Cameron-Wootten is a second generation bespoke shoe maker working out of a red brick studio in Prahran, Melbourne. He believes in the importance of sustainable, timeless fashion, the correct usage of the word cordwainer, and a good old fashioned chin wag in equal parts. Meet him in our journal.


Gift wrapped
Adjustable brace
Bib: 85cm x 65cm

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