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Hand Fletched Arrow - Fredericks & Mae


Poetry In Motion

In a time of corporate warriors and urban legends, Fredericks and Mae’s thread wrapped, hand fletched arrows are more pertinent artworks than ever.  Each wooden arrow is created by hand in a torah factory in Brooklyn, wrapped with shining thread and fletched with turkey, peacock, and macaw feathers.  Whether they’re suspended, mounted or lying idly on a desk, they promise action, help sculpt decisions and make the skin prickle. 

Fredericks & Mae

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The creators of designer playthings with muddled origins, Gabriel Fredericks Cohen and Jolie Mae Signorile are thread-spinning, hand printing, wood carving wunderkinds based in New York City. Their partnership grew out of a chance meeting at University, a shared love of feathers and wood, and continued mutual awe of each other. Meet them in our journal.


Gift wrapped
92cm long
Single Arrow

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