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Tea Cup – Marimekko

Sirotolapuutarha cups

Scandi style shortcuts

On the whole, Scandinavians are born with a number of unfair advantages: disarming good looks, a cheerful affinity for the cold and an inherent sense of minimalist style. Chances are you're never going to come around to winter and there's not much anyone can do about those ears, but at least there are these Marimekko Sirotlapuutarha cups.

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Made in Helsinki, these cups are excellent for filling with hot cocoa and wrapping nonchalantly freezing fingers around in snow fields. Or just filling with tea and drinking at the kitchen table. On their own or in a pair, they instantly Scandify your house and are the kings of Kriskringle. Can you really think of someone who wouldn't like these?


Iconic Finnish design house Marimekko is all about good times, good design and good vibes. Ever the rebellious Finns, Marimekko have a healthy disdain for fads and instead make things that will be worn and used for generations. They've been designing and printing their original bold designs in Helsinki since 1951 – and somehow they just keep getting cooler.

Meet Marimekko designer Mika Piirainen on our blog.


Gift wrapped
Vitreous Porcelain
100 ml

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