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Sand Ceramic Wine Decanter - Kelly Austin

First Ever

One Off

Despite a swag of accolades, prizes and international residencies under her belt, this is the first time Canadian ceramicist Kelly Austin has decided to work with a retail partner.  Only six of these hand formed decanters have been made, and while it’s almost impossible to calculate how long each piece took to make, Kelly’s best guess is three weeks. Porous yet water tight, clay decanters have been used for more than seven centuries and are championed by sommeliers for their ability to control temperature and aerate wine.  This one beat more than 60 entries to win the Handpicked Handmade Ceramic Decanter prize due to its excellent pour, heavy airtight stopper and clean lines. Your grandmother’s crystal won’t know what’s hit it. 


More Info

 Kelly Austin

Canadian ceramicist Kelly Austin graduated from The Emily Carr University in Vancouver, has trained under Gailan Ngan and Julie York, and has spent time at the Haystack Mountain School of Craft in Maine and the Medalta International Residency Centre in Medicine  Alberta.  Her recent Masters of Philosophy in Ceramics from ANU is just another plume in her very feathered cap. A hiker, skier and fisher from way back, Tasmania based Kelly Austin has always been hands-on.  “The direct material contact with clay suits my personality.”  Meet her in our journal.



Gift wrapped
25cm high approx
750mL volume


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