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Large Bowl – The Fortynine Studio

Flip Flop Slip


Originally commissioned for Bill Granger in 2012, the handmade ‘Flip Flop Slip’ ceramic range has been designed especially to embrace the happy accidents that occur throughout the making process. Shaped from flat slabs of clay ‘flop formed’ over moulds and decorated with a liquid ‘slip’ clay in teal or pale blue, each piece is only ever glazed once at 1280 degrees celcius -  invariably resulting in magic colour variation, shrinkage and delicious warping.  

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The Fortynine Studio

Under Australian law, 49 is the maximum number of objects that can be made in order for its design to be protected by copyright. Once a multiple of 50 is made a design is considered mass manufactured. It’s a concept Sydney-based creators Harriet Watts and Ben Elbourne have taken to heart and to market.


Gift wrapped
28cm diameter
5cm high


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