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Jug – Malfatti


Both hands

 This humble, off-kilter jug is made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, the same material used in theatre lights and spacecraft.  Deliberately imperfect and extraordinarily lightweight, it’s the work of two of the world’s most highly regarded glass sculptors and has been shaped purely by their mouths, hands and breath.


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New York-based master glassblowers Daniel Spitzer and Jill Reynolds are award-wining artists who primarily work in the realm of large scale installations, sculpture, and chandeliers. Between them, they’ve worked on the lobby at the Bellagio, been featured in the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, the Seattle Art Museum and the Microsoft Corporation’s collections, and have won fellowships and residencies everywhere from Pittsburgh Glass Center to Harvard. Malfatti, which translates as misshapen, is their side project.


Malfatti glassware comes carefully wrapped in tissue and bubble wrap and packed in a sturdy, cylindrical cardboard tube to prevent breakage.


Brosilicate Glass
19cm high
710ml volume

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