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Japanese Denim Apron - Wootten

Triple Denim?

Sunday Best

Once you slip this lightweight denim apron over your shoulders, you immediately realise it's not just for menders and chefs and people in workshops, but for anyone in charge of their weekends. With a sensible shoulder brace made from Italian leather strapping and English elastic, Wootten’s denim apron can be worn comfortably for hours in front of the canvas, sewing machine, vegie garden, or the fireplace at the end of a long day. Like your favourite pair of jeans, it wears in slowly to become a soft yet protective all-purpose garment. And it looks deadly with a denim shirt.

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Jess Cameron-Wootten is a second generation bespoke shoe maker working out of a red brick studio in Prahran, Melbourne. He believes in the importance of sustainable, timeless fashion, the correct usage of the word cordwainer, and a good old fashioned chin wag in equal parts. Meet him on our blog.


Gift wrapped
Adjustable brace
65cm at widest part
One size fits all

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