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Herb Cutter and Bowl – 1803

Nose to tail


Much has been written about the alluringly scented pine endemic to Tasmania. Favoured by boat builders for its imperviousness and carpenters for its perfect grain and magic glow, Huon pine is so revered that if any but the three licence holders on the island harvests it, they get a jail term. Tasmanian master craftsman Tom Hounslow hand turns reclaimed pieces of this ancient timber into smooth, shallow bowls, perfectly sized for chopping herbs and nuts.

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Each is accompanied by a rolling, pollaxe-style cutter made from a hand forged recylced carbon steel blade and a carefully chosen piece of antler sourced from the Hansen family’s red deer farm. The colouring of both timber and antler is depends on the soil and rain from which it grew. Luckily it’s been a good couple of years.


Using the naturally shed velvet antler and hides from her brother’s sustainable red deer farm near Orange, Penny Hansen has partnered with some of the country’s best artisans to create bespoke accessories that elegantly celebrate the silent grace of the herd.


Gift wrapped
Blade width 9.5cm
Blade height 5cm
Handle length 11cm
Bowl height 5-7cm
Bowl side length 17-18cm

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