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1803 Cleaver

Nose to tail

Chop Chop

As far as wedding presents are concerned, it’s near impossible to do better than this. Forged from stainless steel and paired with naturally shed red deer antler from the Hansen family venison farm, this simple, powerful cleaver satisfies both a primal egotism and modern sensibility in one fell swoop. The work of Tasmanian master craftsman Tom Hounslow, the searingly sharp blade is carefully tapered to allow chefs (or newlyweds) to butcher, crush and dice with equal strength and finesse. Every piece of 1803 antler is unique and the sensation of it on flesh – that pleasing roughness, strange softness, and reassuring weight - is the kind of thing Steinbeck would have had rhapsodies about. You will, too.

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Using the naturally shed velvet antler and hides from her brother’s sustainable red deer farm near Orange, Penny Hansen has partnered with some of the country’s best artisans to create bespoke accessories that celebrate the strength and elegance of their herd.


Gift wrapped
Blade length 16cm approx
Blade height 4cm approx
Handle length 13cm approx


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