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Carving Set - 1803

Nose to tail


If you’re going to carve, do it properly.

1803’s carving set is the handsome, elderly statesman of the Christmas table. Combining two of the most ancient and beloved materials in bladesmithing, deer antler and carbon steel, these handmade tools are the fruits of hours upon hours of careful labour. Forged by an expert just south of Canberra, the length and shape of each blade and prong is dictated by each carefully chosen piece of naturally shed red deer procured from Mandagery Creek in Orange. Only a few of these carving sets have been made, and each one comes in a buttery soft deer leather wrap. If you’re only going to have one Christmas tradition, make it this.

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Using the naturally shed velvet antler and hides from her brother’s sustainable red deer farm near Orange, Penny Hansen has partnered with some of the country’s best artisans to create bespoke accessories that elegantly celebrate the silent grace of the herd.


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