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Bocce Set – Fredericks & Mae

Handmade in Brooklyn


The exuberant Italian cousin to Boules and Pétanque, Bocce champions flair and style over strategic menace – a fact New York-based designers Fredericks & Mae have not overlooked. Whether they’re rolled, thrown, banked or tossed to victory or defeat, these meticulously hand painted wooden balls look damn stylish doing it. Replete with shiny silver jack and hand screen printed drawstring kit bag, this is one of those one-of-a-kind summer tournament-generating Christmas presents that will be talked about for decades – no matter who is the intended recipient. You have been warned.

Fredericks & Mae

More Info

The creators of designer playthings with muddled origins, Gabriel Fredericks Cohen and Jolie Mae Signorile are thread-spinning, hand printing, wood carving wunderkinds based in New York City. Their partnership grew out of a chance meeting at University, a shared love of feathers and wood, and continued mutual awe of each other. Gabriel's favourite game is Would-You-Rather and enthusiasm pervades every inch of his and Jolie’s world. Meet them on our blog.


Gift wrapped
8 x 3” balls
Instruction booklet
Kit Bag


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