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1803 Razor Kit

Nose to tail


There’s shaving, and there’s shaving.

Every tiny detail in 1803’s handcrafted, limited edition shaving kit has been considered and re-tweaked to the point of flawlessness.  The proportions and visible stitching on the deer leather toiletry bag in which the entire kit is housed, the length and girth of the antler handle on the badger hair brush, and the colour of the suede on the handcrafted strop are no accident. 

This kit includes:

  • Carbon steel folding razor set in a red deer antler handle

  • Deer leather strop (with chalk)

  • Antler handled badger hair shaving brush

  • Blade care kit

  • Tan & Black Shaving Cream No. 1 from WA

  • 1803 deer leather lined shaving/toiletry bag

Made by a handful of specialist craftsmen in different parts of Australia for 1803, this shaving kit is the manifestation of true luxury: stealing time in the morning for yourself.


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Using the naturally shed velvet antler and hides from her brother’s sustainable red deer farm near Orange, Penny Hansen has partnered with some of the country’s best artisans to create bespoke accessories that elegantly celebrate the silent grace of the herd.


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