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Beer Glasses - By Joost

Recycled homewares by Joost Bakker

Sip from a long neck

Whether they're on the boat, at the shack, or permanent fixtures in the kitchen cupboard, these sturdy vessels are a comfort to hold. And refill. These glasses have been hand cut from beer bottles then re-fired to soften the lip. Perfect for Sunday pre-gaming and knock-offs on the back verandah.

By Joost

More Info

Depending who you ask, Joost Bakker is a lost artist, a fifth generation tulip farmer with a penchant for recycling, or a hardcore eco-warrior. He builds sustainable houses, green event spaces, recycled homewares and has kitted out every seasonal produce-loving restaurant in Australia with a vertical garden.


1 x beer glass made from recycled glass

Dishwasher and microwave safe


Diameter 70mm
Height 150mm

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