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Oriental Lilies

If in doubt, choose lilies.

They're spectacular en masse. They're elegant, long-lasting and wondrously adaptable. They can say: “Thanks for that boozy dinner on Saturday,” whilst also whispering, “...it was me who scratched your car.” Or, “Hooray for my new niece!” yet with equal sincerity, “Rest in peace, Aunt Gladys.” If in doubt, choose lilies.

The Florist

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We haven't hooked up with any of the giant relay companies. We don't have a 1800 number. Instead, we've formed our own partnerships with some of the best boutique florists in the country. They all believe in delivering proper, fresh flowers - box-free and without the filler. Our flowers come directly from our specially chosen florists so that they're as fresh as possible, so please note that other items will be delivered separately. Price includes delivery anywhere in Australia.


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