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Emerald Folding Paper Furoshiki - Link


That's a wrap

Whether it's wrapped around a baby, lugging a hefty bottle of red, or worn delicately as a scarf, this traditional Japanese wrapping cloth from Link Collective looks mega stylish. As per the Japanese custom, each furoshiki is hand dyed in a small batch in a studio south of Tokyo. As colouration is affected by climate and humidity, all work is done with careful consideration of the weather forecast. True story. This origami-inspired furoshiki was designed by Royal College of the Arts graduate Lucinda Newton Dunn. She nailed it.

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Link Collective

The Link Collective is a cross-cultural collaboration between Tokyo-based Kyoko Bowskill, a small group of furoshiki craftsmen based in seaside Fujisawa, and a bevy of contemporary designers.

100% cotton satin, hand printed in Japan.


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