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HONK Mustard

Magic words

Secret Weapon

Utter the words ‘honk’ and ‘mustard’ in quick succession to a Tasmanian, and their eyes light up with glee. Based on a Finnish family recipe, this mysteriously spicy and slightly sweet condiment has achieved legendary status in southern Tasmania and up until now has only been available at select farmers markets on the island. In Tasmania, jars of HONK are normally bought in multiples of three or four – mainly to prevent a pantry shortage when its maker goes back to Finland for the Tasmanian winter. HONK’s secret blend of spices gives new meaning to an eye fillet steak and pot of mashed potato, but for best results, treat it as the Finns would and slap it on a juicy sausage.  Be warned, this will be the beginning of a lifelong affair.  You can’t untaste HONK.

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Kaarina Honkavaara

HONK is made in Taranna, Tasmania by Kaarina Honkavaara who inherited the reciepe from her Finnish mother-in-law. As with all regional delicacies, HONK is only ever available in very limited quantities.  Meet Kaarina in our journal.


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