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Saffron Honey Three Pack - Maya Sunny Honey

Hear me raw


Each of these raw honeys taste exactly how Fibonacci’s sequence should: strong, clear and wild. In this particular trio, a copper-coloured yellow box honey is combined with a rich ironbark honey imbued with red threads of saffron, and the knockout combination of crunchy, raw macadamias with smooth, stringy bark honey. All three are raw, unpasteurized honey products made from the concentrated nectar of flowers blooming in northern New South Wales.

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Maya Sunny Honey

Andrew Wyszinski has studied apiary for 35 years and is the only man in the world who can coax bees into building their honeycomb in a jar. His hives are generally based in Mudgee, though ever in the pursuit of excellence, Andrew moves them around to follow whatever is in flower.


Gift wrapped
Yellow Box 150g
Macadamia Crunch 150g
Saffron Honey 150g


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