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Honeycomb Jar - Maya Sunny Honey

From a Polish bee whisperer


This enormous dome of honeycomb is the work of three thousand bees working diligently for about a month under the watchful eye of a Polish bee whisperer.  Andrew Wyszinski is the only man in the world to have successfully contained a whole honeycomb within a jar without harming its architects – and how he achieves this feat is a closely guarded secret.  All we know is that the sweet, edible structure is constructed around a central wooden pole and that the jar is sealed with the bees’ own resinous sealant, propolis – which means the air of the working hive is also captured within it.  Paired with a sharp cheddar, crushed and sprinkled across hot nuts or toasted sourdough, or simply scooped from the jar and dissolved on the palate, this deliciously sweet delicacy is exactly how Fibonacci’s sequence should taste.   

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Maya Sunny Honey

Andrew Wyszinski has studied apiary for 35 years. His hives are generally based in Mudgee, though ever in the pursuit of excellence, he moves them around New South Wales to follow whatever is in flower. Meet him on our blog.


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