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Seedlip Aperitif Pack

Seedlip x STILY

You’re not the only one who’s been going a little heavy on the lockdown cocktails, but now is certainly not the time to rid yourself of guilty pleasures. It could, however, be the right moment to level up your knock-off game. Made from zingy citrus, spicy ginger and lemongrass, Seedlip Grove is a complex, award-winning spirit that is distilled in exactly the same manner as a gin. This means that, like thousands of sophisticates before you, you’ll probably find it difficult to believe that this delicious concoction is indeed non-alcoholic. We’ve compiled a mix of carefully considered accompaniments, including Seedlip’s brand new ready-to-drink Seedlip & Tonic can plus a 'Sunny Winter' cocktail recipe instructions, so you can make July a month-long party rather than a 31 day sentence.

This pack includes: 

Seedlip Grove 42
Seedlip & Tonic can made with fragrant lemongrass tonic
A bottle handmade citrus cocktail syrup, infused with orange, grapefruit and lime
Capi soda water
Bahen & Co sea salt and almond dark chocolate block
'Sunny Winter' Cocktail Recipe
Hand written gift note
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This specially curated hamper is available in very limited quantities exclusively through Sorry Thanks I Love You.


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1 x Seedlip Grove 42 (700mL)
1 x Seedlip & Tonic can (250mL)
1 x Capi Soda Water (250mL)
1 x Bahen chocolate bar (75g)
1 x citrus cocktail syrup
1 x cocktail recipe instructions


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