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Large Tasmanian Gourmet Hamper

PLEASE NOTE: This hamper is despatched on Mondays and Tuesdays only and will be delivered separately from any other items in your order.

A pantry raid of the highest order

The pain you're going to feel as you give this away is real.

It's to be expected, really, when every single item in this collection of gourmet cheeses, spiced fruits, meaty rillettes and sweet tid bits are things that you actually want to keep and gorge on for the rest of your days.

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Made by small batch artisan producers in Tasmania and selected by food-critic-come-farmer Matthew Evans and Bruny Island Cheese's Nick Haddow, they're so wonderful to eat and so very hard to share.

This selection includes:
− Bruny Island Cheese Company's semi-hard George cheese 
− Bruny Island Cheese Company's herb-rubbed ODO (One Day Old) cheese
- A jar of creamy Tasmanian honey from Wellington Apiary
- A bottle of fresh olive oil, pressed on Bruny Island
- A jar of boozey, pinot-soaked spiced cherries
- A jar of juicy olives grown on Bruny Island, and 
- Cygnature's salted caramel sixpack chocolate box


These individually hand wrapped items come via refrigerated delivery in a cool box and will be delivered separately from any other items you order from Sorry Thanks I Love You. All items are all subject to availability. We may need to substitute products depending on availability and season. Hampers are freighted on Mondays and Tuesdays only (to prevent them getting stuck in freight terminals over the weekend) and are delivered straight to your door. Please let us know the safest place to leave them (preferably out of direct sunlight and away from stray mice) in the 'Gift Note' section at check out.


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Gift wrapped
George cheese 200g
ODO cheese 190g
Spiced cherries 300mL
Bruny Island olives 350g
Tasmanian Sea Salt with Pepperberry 120g
Cygneture salted caramel chocolates
Wellington Apiary Honey
Olive Oil 250mL


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Product only ships within Australia

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