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Large Dark Spiced Chocolate Box - Liefje

Virtuous luxury

Next level luxury

Combining dark Peruvian cacao with natural ingredients and hand ground spices, Melbourne-based Liefje’s decadent, small batch chocolate is one of the single greatest joys of adulthood.

Drawing on unexpected ingredients like Canadian maple syrup, cinnamon and black pepper, Liefje's four unique chocolate flavours are indulgent, completely original and perfectly balanced.

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Liefje's Smoked Salt chocolate is dark and velvety, intensified with shards of bitter cacao nibs and sprinkled with hand smoked Murray-Darling salt. The Spice Trail is subtly flavoured with cloves, cardomom, and punchy ancho chilli, the slightly fruity Pomegranate and Pepperberry has just the right hint of heat, while the Hazelnut Crunch was inspired by TV snacks of salted, maple syrup and chilli roast hazelnuts. (Yes really.)

The four chocolate blocks come in a specially designed gift box decorated with British artist Kate Arnold's raw ink drawings inspired by classic botanical illustrations.

Gluten, dairy and sugar free, Liefje is a virtuous after-dark luxury.


Dutch-born Leo Kats and British fashion industry creative Nikki Hillier are the Melbourne-based gourmet chocolatiers behind Liefje. ‘Liefje’ is Dutch for sweetheart – and this raw, stone-top tempered chocolate is the ultimate term of endearment.  Meet them in our journal.


Gift wrapped
Smoked Salt 55g
Hazelnut Crunch 55g
Spice Trail 55g
Pomegranate & Pepperberry

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