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Spiced Chai and Ginger Brittle - Winnow Chocolates

Hand tempered

Dream Team

Combining velvety white chocolate and heady spices, this creamy chai-infused brittle is utter luxury.  A special collaboration exclusively for Sorry Thanks I Love You, this hand tempered Belgian couverture chocolate has been infused with The Seventh Duchess’ pungent blend of clovey, cinnamony vanilla chai tea, and spiced with extra black pepper, green cardamom, cassia and amchur before being studded with sharp crystallised ginger.  This carefully spiced, only-just-sweet version is the result of weeks of refining on Winnow Chocolates’ Amanda McKeith’s part, and you can taste every painstaking minute in the result. Best of all, chai’s anti-oxidant rich spice blend is known for its immune-boosting health benefits.  Gluttony can masquerade as salubriousness at last.

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Winnow Chocolates and The Seventh Duchess

Two hundred years ago, no one knew more about mysterious far eastern tea blends than the Seventh Duchess of Bedford - who instated tea parties as a high society afternoon ritual. Hand blended in Australia, today's Seventh Duchess range is a rejuvenation of this tradition. An art history and business graduate, Impressionist-lover and ex-NGO professional, Sydney-based chocolatier Amanda McKeith has had her finger in a lot of wonderfully different flavoured pies. Meet Amanda and The Seventh Duchess’ Tessa Bontempo on our blog.


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Contains dairy
Gluten free

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