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Bruny Island Cheese 5 Cheese Pack

PLEASE NOTE: This hamper is despatched on Mondays and Tuesdays only and will be delivered separately from any other items in your order.

These are hands-down the best cheeses in the country right now. Hand made by Tasmanian cheesemaker Nick Haddow, these cheeses are so delicious that they bring real tears to the eye.

The pack includes:

• Oen – a moist cheese washed in pinot noir and wrapped in a vine leaf;

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• Odo - a young cheese rubbed in olive oil and herbs;

• Otto – a cow's milk cheese wrapped in locally-made prosciutto;

• Tom – a hard cheese made in the French Savoie tradition; and

• Saint – an oozy, surface-ripened cheese

This pungent, refrigerated package is delivered straight to your door, so be sure to let us know the safest place to leave it.

Bruny Island Cheese Company

After spending ten years learning his craft from specialist cheesemakers across Europe and the UK, Nick Haddow established his own cheese factory on a wild island where shucked oysters cost a dollar. A passionate traditionalist, Nick is the only man in Australia making cheese from raw milk, and as such enjoys a cult following amongst turophiles around the world.


The cheeses come via refrigerated delivery in a specially designed cool box and will be delivered separately from any other items you order from Sorry Thanks I Love You. They're freighted on Mondays and Tuesdays only (to prevent them getting stuck in freight terminals over the weekend) and are delivered straight to your door. Please let us know the safest place to leave them (preferably out of direct sunlight and away from stray mice) in the 'Gift Note' section at check out.


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Gift wrapped
Oen 200g
ODO 200g
Otto 125g
Tom 200g
Saint 190g


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