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Pick Of The Day


Secret Haul 

The best chefs don’t write the day’s menu until they’ve been to the market, and the best florists are no different.   Our ‘Pick of the Day’ is a bunch of the freshest, newest and most beautiful flowers of one type at that morning’s market.  Over the decades they’ve been in the industry, our florists have subtly brokered relationships with growers, importers and market vendors – which is why they get first dibs. 

The Florist 

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Rather than hooking up with an existing large-scale flower relay operation, we’ve formed our own partnerships with carefully chosen boutique florists around the country to create a tight network of high grade, artistically minded florists. All of them believe in the importance of sourcing the freshest, best quality flowers (which in many cases means flying them in directly) and have an eye for the unusual. While the arrangement pictured is a guide only, our florists will use the freshest tropical flowers available to create a custom arrangement in this vein.


Flower orders are delivered directly from our carefully selected florists to ensure that they’re as fresh as possible, and come wrapped in simple brown kraft paper. The flower arrangement’s price includes delivery anywhere in Australia.


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