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Tshirt - Area NYC



In a process that New York-based designers Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszczyk have recently patented, these lightweight, unisex cotton tshirts are specially designed and cut to ensure they can lie as flat as possible. They're then packaged by hand and heat treated in a hydraulic embossing machine, so that a rippling textile landscape is magically frozen into the fabric.  As varying pressure and heat is applied to every shirt, each one has a unique, undulating crater pattern that can be preserved by steaming or dry cleaning, or dissolved to reveal the shirt’s tiny perforations by machine washing. The gratification that comes with peeling the shirt out of its dimpled packaging puts it firmly in the best birthday present category. Available for the first time in Australia and in very limited quantities.

Area NYC

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Area NYC is the work of a former architect from Kentucky and a Polish, ex-Chloe fashion designer with an obsession for textile manipulation.


Gift wrapped
100% cotton
Dry clean or steam to preserve design
Machine wash to reveal perforations

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