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Hardwater Pomade & Comb – Baxter of California

Established 1950

Like a well pressed handkerchief or freshly polished brogues, sharp hair is a no-nonsense shortcut to imperceptible style. Only a butterscotch-sized amount of Baxter’s water-based pomade is needed for a sleek Great Gatsby or Mad Men coiff, and it rinses clean out of hair. Baxter’s fine, Swiss-made hair comb is made by hand from strong cellulose acetate in a 12 step manufacturing process resulting in smoothly tapered teeth and rounded tips. As far as hair kit goes, this is pretty much it.

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Baxter of California

Established in 1950, Baxter of California’s constant and unwavering focus on high-tech skincare has seen them navigate the era of old Hollywood and horsehair brushes right through to today’s throw-back barbershops of downtown Brooklyn.


Gift wrapped
60mL Pomade
19cm Comb

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