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Nautical Animals Linen Scarf - Yarnz

The Sailor Sleeps Tonight

The Mighty Jungle

Made from a mix of linen and soft rayon for stretch, Yarnz’s Nautical Animals Linen Scarf brings together winding ropes, a winter palette, and a tiny pop of jungle.  No linen scarf is complete without a leap of pink and ginger leopards prowling about the hem.  

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New York’s Yarnz is a true reflection of the city in which it’s based.  The prints on their oversized cashmere, silk and linen scarves alternate between the weird, unexpected and affronting and has been seen draped around some of the world’s most famous shoulders – including the slender pairs belonging to Scarlet Johansson and Emma Watson. Meet them in our journal.


Gift wrapped
50% linen
50% rayon
203cm x 75cm


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