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Bows & Arrows Cashmere Scarf - Yarnz

Invisibility Cloak

One Hit Wonder

New York-based designers Yarnz are great believers in the magic of transience. They never reproduce a design after the season is finished, no matter how many people might beg them to. In muted reds, blues and cream, the snuggly Bows & Arrows scarf is a poignant reminder of this fact. Made equally from silk for chic and cashmere for cosiness, it’s available in very limited numbers.

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New York’s Yarnz is a true reflection of the city in which it’s based.  The prints on their oversized cashmere, silk and linen scarves alternate between the weird, unexpected and affronting and has been seen draped around some of the world’s most famous shoulders – including the slender pairs belonging to Scarlet Johansson and Emma Watson. Meet them in our journal.


Gift wrapped
50% cashmere
50% silk
91cm x 71cm


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