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Tetrad Bangle - Joao Vaz



Like an Escher sketch, the root of the ingenuity behind Portugese designer Joao Vaz’s work isn’t always discernable straight away.  In his tetrad bangle, Joao has applied a traditional tension setting technique to a handful of cheerful cubic zirconias so that they appear to somehow float in thick, shining acrylic. All subtle, playful sophistication, Joao pokes fun at the conventional whilst also redefining what these materials are capable of, and his tetrad bangle works both the bar and the board room with quiet flair. 

Joao Vaz 

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Joao Vaz believes he has a responsibility to create pieces that make the heart flutter. “We need to remind ourselves from time to time of what it is to have consciousness, and a soul, and a heart, and feelings. We need to create work that really exacerbates this.” His latest collection, Clarice, combines completely new techniques, out-there colour, and modern lab-made materials in a glittering escape from the highbrow conceptualism associated with contemporary jewellery.

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