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Spring Cascade Pendant - Joao Vaz



Bjork, Alexander McQueen, Rene Lalique, Gaudi, Queen Elizabeth I and Michaelangelo were all touchstones for this piece - the manifestation of Lisbon born designer Joao Vaz’s search for his true design aesthetic.  Celebrating the designer’s love of profusion, both beads are covered in an intricate, shell-like patina.  Each one had to be sculpted from scratch in wax to create hollow pendants light enough to wear - a technique romantically called lost wax casting for the sacrifice of materials it requires. Dripping from a gold-dipped chain, the piece creates a soft, regal ringing with every step the wearer takes. Profoundly ancient but shimmering with sci-fi elegance, it’s the Louvre and Pei’s pyramid all at once.

Joao Vaz 

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Portuguese designer Joao Vaz believes he has a responsibility to create pieces that make the heart flutter. “We need to remind ourselves from time to time of what it is to have consciousness, and a soul, and a heart, and feelings. We need to create work that really exacerbates this.” Meet him on our blog.


Brass beads
Full chain length: 86cm
Biggest bead: 2.5cm wide

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