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Pearl Diver Necklace - Lucy Folk

Poison Ivy

Dangerous Liaisons

In the spirit of twisted romance, Melbourne-based designer Lucy Folk has corrupted a generous strand of plush, freshwater pearls with smoky, metallic thread to make a party piece that screams elegance in a very unladylike fashion. The meticulously crocheted thread can be shimmied to the back of the neck to create just a shadow of sass, or worn full frontal for an all-out clash. Paired with jet black leather or a prim LBD, this is a necklace for heroes, villians and those with a disarming dose of both.

Lucy Folk

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Taking food as her prime inspiration, Melbourne-based designer Lucy Folk concocts 18 carat lobster legs, makes videos of glittery food fights, douses Doritos in precious metals and decorates her fingers and toes with miniature crocheted pineapples and hams.


Crochet metallic thread

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