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Pantheon Necklace - Joao Vaz



Like all brilliant design, the hours upon hours of painstaking work are almost  invisible in Portuguese designer Joao Vaz’s ethereal Pantheon necklace. Each hand created acrylic bead is engraved by hand with a miniature flower before being threaded with a twinkling sterling silver chain in a criss cross pattern.  Joao’s newest collection, Soliloquy, riffs on four different emotional extremes in acrylic, precious metals, gems and glass, gently fusing the machine with the manmade.



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Joao Vaz 

Sydney-based designer Joao Vaz believes he has a responsibility to create pieces that make the heart flutter. “We need to remind ourselves from time to time of what it is to have consciousness, and a soul, and a heart, and feelings. We need to create work that really exacerbates this.” 

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