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Dinosaur Designs Dark Horn Wishbone Bangle

Wrap and stack


Dinosaur Designs' go-to bracelet is a smooth, versatile beast. Stacked together or cruising solo, they're as tasty as a snack. Every piece in Dinosaur Designs' homewares and jewellery collections is designed, moulded, cast and sanded by hand in the Dinosaur studio in Redfern – meaning no two products are ever the same.

Dinosaur Designs

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Chunky and eclectic, Dinosaur Designs is the most coveted design brand in Australia, and after thirty years of explosive growth they're still true to their original, handmade aesthetic. They've never compromised on quality. They've never moved off-shore. They've designed tutus for the Australian Ballet and chess pieces for Louis Vuitton, but they still make the colourful resin pieces that made them famous when they were mates at art school.


Gift wrapped
Diameter 7cm approx

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