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Concrete Hide Ring - 22 Design Studio

Made in Taipei

Hard Work

Psychology might not have a name for it, but naturally architecture does.   That moment when one reveals a rougher, truer side of their material is known as ‘the terrazzo effect’, and it’s demonstrated brilliantly in 22 Design Studio’s curved, polished concrete ring.   Made completely by hand in their Taipei studio, this is a ring for minimalist types who have no interest in time-wasting, grand-standing or delicate frippery.

22 Design Studio

More Info

Taiwanese designers Sean Yu and Yiting Cheng’s macro applications of the materials from which their city is built are a study in patience. Inspired by Tadao Ando’s cast in-place architecture, 22 Design Studio push high density concrete and 316L steel to their physical limits, repurposing them into utilitarian, handmade tools and jewellery – each piece a beautiful paradox.


Gift wrapped
High density concrete
Yilan stone fragments
316L stainless steel

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