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Momoko Hatano Large Coil Earrings


Sea Shells

Cleverly and elegantly coiling through the ear like a delicious whispered secret, Momoko Hatano’s sterling silver and vintage pearl coil earrings are entirely hand-formed. Encompassing solid gold and silver earrings coiled into seashell spirals, and pearls hidden in tiny sterling silver rockpools, Shinju is a surreal and alluring handmade collection that catapults Momoko Hatano into the league of serious, heavy-weight Australian designers.

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Momoko Hatano

After graduating from COFA with a major in drawing and painting, Momoko Hatano landed a job at Dinosaur Designs – despite having only dabbled in the medium at art school.  She was hired on the back of her drawing talent, and eventually rose to become head of silver for the jewellery department. Momoko is now only working on her own project and is firmly in the spotlight, and her pieces are elegant and quietly fierce - sometimes simultaneously. So is she.  Meet her in our journal.


Gift wrapped
Sterling silver
Vintage pearls
6cm long


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