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Blunt Bangle - Joao Vaz


Casual Cleopatra

Sydney-based designer Joao Vaz is completely committed to making work that reaches for the extraordinary, and this thick, textured brass bangle is the result of innovating techniques and materials in ways the designer could never have imagined. Sculpted in wax by hand and carefully hollowed out, each one has been given a unique feather-like pattern on its exterior before being cast in brass, meaning each bangle is a true one-off.  Like all great art, it can balance a great ensemble or steal the show depending on whether it’s paired with black or white. Either way, it’s the epitome of finishing touches. 

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Joao Vaz

Portuguese designer Joao Vaz believes he has a responsibility to create pieces that make the heart flutter. “We need to remind ourselves from time to time of what it is to have consciousness, and a soul, and a heart, and feelings. We need to create work that really exacerbates this.” Meet him on our blog.


Medium Fit
Diameter: 6.5cm

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