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Abby Seymour Arrowhead Earrings



These tiny, hand carved sterling silver totem earrings are suspended from a fine silver chain. Abby Semour’s work walks the tightrope between environmental patriotism and Australiana with grace and finesse. The Melburnian is known for her love of native botany, and her meditative practise of intricate ‘print mark’ inscriptions on precious metals has resulted in some of the most unique contemporary jewellery in the country.

Abby Seymour

The daughter of a parir of reclusive, nature-loving artists, Abby Seymour is a self-taught sustainability-obsessed, bush-loving jeweller based in Brunswick, Melbourne.


Gift wrapped
Sterling Silver
45mm chain length
68mm total length
9mm width of 'arrowhead'
23mm height of 'arrowhead'
1mm gauge


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