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Flat Stanley Bag - Du Zen!


Deep Purple

This handmade fold-over concept bag in millennium bug silver and deep purple leather gapes open to reveal a pigskin lining in a shade of pink that would make your grandmother blush. An industrialist designer at heart, the design of Samantha Rogers’ hybrid handbag is driven by its wearer first and foremost. “I like to think of what the different possibilities are when wearing a bag and what different scenarios might come about,” she says. Like dance floor battles .Or food fights, say.

Du Zen!

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Industrial designer Samantha Rogers has a background in furniture, lighting and elite gymnastics, and has found some of Melbourne’s best leather craftsmen to produce her wild collection of limited edition handmade handbags. She’s cagey about their provenance though: “Basically, I thought, ‘If I were a magical leather making unicorn, where would I be?” Meet her in our journal.


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