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Blue Deer Leather Clutch - 1803

Nose to tail


Deer leather is to the fingertips is as sun glitter is to the eye. This buttery soft clutch is soft and slack in the hand and lined with screen printed natural linen by Sydney artist Julie Paterson of ClothFabric fame.  It’s fitted with hidden magnetic clasps and a detachable wrist strap and made completely by hand, thanks to the combined effort of a handful of resolute craftsmen around the country.  Like a handsome Pointer puppy, it’s the kind of thing strangers can’t help but stroke.  


More Info

Using the naturally shed velvet antler and hides from her brother’s sustainable red deer farm in Orange, Penny Hansen has partnered with some of the country’s best artisans to create bespoke accessories that elegantly celebrate the silent grace of the herd. Meet her in our journal.


Gift wrapped
Deer leather
Height 31.5cm
Folded 17cm
Width 28.5cm


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