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Mykita MMRAW002 Sunglasses - Raw Black Drops

with Maison Margiela


Maison Margiela’s collaboration with Mykita is built on radical experimentation – in this case, in stark, raw acetate. “There are so many collaborations everyday, for the majority I don’t see the necessity of the product,” says Mykita founder Moritz Krüger. “For us it’s genuinely about the process of creating something new.” To create this series, frames were deliberately removed from the production process at an early stage, so that traces of the technology used to build them linger on the material’s surface. Hand assembled with 100% UVA/UVB protected glass lenses with an anti-reflective inner coating, these glasses feature Mykita’s patented, hingeless design with no screws or welded joints, making them exceptionally difficult to break and beyond phenomenal to wear.

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Originally established in an abandoned kindergarten in Berlin in 2003, Mykita is world famous for relentless innovation, and has become the most highly respected eyewear brand on the international fashion stage. Headquartered in Kreuzberg, the Mykita manufactory brings together design, production and invention under one neoclassical roof and has partnered with some of the most avant-garde fashion houses in the world.


Gift wrapped
Frame: Raw Black Drops
Lens: Raw Green Solid


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