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Mon Partenaire – Paul Marius

Secret Paris

Where Have You Been All My Life

The emotions that flood the soul upon encountering this French leather bag are similar to those experienced upon embracing a long lost childhood friend.  It’s voluminous enough to fit all the laptops, text books, gym gear and assorted zipped pouches that one must travel with, but not so big that one is absurdly dwarfed by it.  Because it’s made from durable, water-resistant goat leather, it’s toddler, Friday night and commute-proof – but it’s so supple that your fingertips would think this is impossible.  In romantic life it’s nonsense, but when it comes to handbags, there is such a thing as The One.

Paul Marius

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Created in 2010 by Florent Poirier, Paul Marius reinvents classic, forgotten leatherware from a studio in northern France.


Gift wrapped
Buffalo Leather
35cm long
33 high
19cm wide

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