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Rains Stone Backpack Mini

Drip drip drip.

Get wet

This svelte, more compact version of Rains’ standard issue backpack answers the prayers of the short torso brigade.  Made from sleek, waterproof polyeurethane with an in-built laptop pocket, this streamlined backpack is functional and compact but, in true Scandinavian spirit, not at the cost of aesthetics.  Designed with the morning Copenhagen commute in mind, Rains’ understated backpack features thin, adjustable shoulder straps, a hidden iphone pocket at the back, and a simple hook close. 

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Born out of necessity in Copenhagen in 2012, Rains is a company that is committed to doing one thing and doing it well. Meet them in our journal.


Gift wrapped
Height 40cm
Width 27.5cm
Depth 10cm
Volume 14L


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