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Hender Scheme Suede Large Not Eco Bag

Ceci n'est pas une pipe

Not at All

Japan’s environmentally responsible alternative to the plastic shopping bag, the ‘eco bag’, has become a trend embraced by international design houses who sell luxury leather versions proudly emblazoned with the words ‘I am NOT a plastic bag.’  Hender Scheme’s ‘not eco bag’ turns the concept on its head again, René Magritte-style.  Transforming the bag that (didn’t) inspire it into a sculptural feat of clean lines, supple cow leather and cut-outs, this clutch-meets-bag is the sombrero of the accessories world: a happy marriage of the tongue-in-cheek and the practical. 

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Hender Scheme

A psychology major-turned-cobbler, Ryo Kashiwazaki is an artisan leather craftsman with a cult-like following around the globe.  With his team of 13 artisans across Tokyo and Kobe, Ryo balances human hands with machines to create a collection of shoes, bags and the famous ‘homage’ collection - leather recreations of the iconic sneakers of our time.  Meet him in our journal.


Gift wrapped
Height 41cm
Width 42cm
Depth 15 cm


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