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Waxed Shoelaces - Hook & Albert

Look smart and standout - Hook and Albert, New York

Passive rebellion

As far as finishing touches go, this one is pretty suave. Hook + Albert's coloured, waxed shoelaces bring a flash of continental style to even the most businesslike brogues. It even works for dentists. This four pack in orange, blue, purple and 'wine' is perfect for fashion-savvy school kids, cuff-rolling hipsters, or gentlemen who would prefer to make a scene under their desk than in the morning meeting.

The makers

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Not the kind of people to let a late night conversation at a wedding pass them by, Adam Schoenberg and Cory Rosenberg founded a company based on a mutual obsession with premium dress socks. Based in New York, Hook + Albert prizes form, fit and fashion above all else.


Orange, lake blue, purple, wine


Gift wrapped
5 x laces

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