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Alaska Socks - Anonymous Ism

Toe heaven

Mystery Feet

Using the perfect mixture of wool for warmth and acrylic for size, Anonymous Ism socks achieve that rare feat of being perfectly sized for both a winter boot and a skater shoe.  Despite a decidedly après-ski punk personality, these bespoke Japanese socks can even worn with Swedish clogs.  Hirotsugu Yoshimura’s eye for motifs paired with his obsessive attention to construction, fit and quality makes Anonymous Ism socks some of the best in the world.

Anonymous Ism

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There is obviously something quite intriguing about a man who purposely makes his business almost impossible to find. But the man becomes more intriguing still when one discovers the quality of his output and realises he could easily be taking over the world, sock by sock, if he wanted to. Meet him on our blog.


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