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Thick Eternity Bangle - Joao Vaz



So startling was Lisbon born designer Joao Vaz’s first ever collection that it landed him a spot on a runway at Sydney Fashion Week. His second is no small feat either. Driven by an exploration of technique, the Sydney-based designer has taken the everyday materials of acrylic and cubic zirconia and catapulted them into the realm of the extraordinary via laser cutting and tension setting – a technique never before used in this context. “If you create pieces that are really magnificent,” says Joao, “then you’re helping tell the story of… the materials and the discipline itself – where it can go and where it can be explored further.”

Joao Vaz

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Joao Vaz believes he has a responsibility to create pieces that make the heart flutter. “We need to remind ourselves from time to time of what it is to have consciousness, and a soul, and a heart, and feelings. We need to create work that really exacerbates this.” His latest collection, Clarice, combines completely new techniques, out-there colour, and modern lab-made materials in a glittering escape from the highbrow conceptualism associated with contemporary jewellery.


6.5cm diameter

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