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Argan & Rosehip Cream - Jacqueline Evans

Primum Non Nocere


Luxuriousness aside, there is an unspoken magic that comes with properly made face cream.  For one fleeting, tranquil moment as this nourishing, handmade rosehip and argan cream is applied, the owner is transformed from harried over-achiever to perfectly composed, beatific goddess.  This is what makes it such an excellent, unpretentious present. 

Jacqueline Evans 

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A scholar of Chinese medicine, cosmetic chemistry and nutrition, Melbourne-based naturopath Jacqueline Evans has created a skincare range using only certified organic ingredients. Mindful of the fact that many people pay little attention to what goes on their skin (despite it being their biggest organ) Jacqueline has founded her company on the Hippocratic oath and topped it off with an orchard of natural ingredients.


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