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Speckled Egg Checkers

Winner Takes All

Winner Takes All

It’s Chinese Checkers – but much, much better than you remember it. With help from an unwitting Belgian chocolatier, this traditional childhood game of strategy has been injected with dark chocolate and reinvented in the name of pure decadence.  Originating in Germany as ‘Halma’, the aim of the game is to race all of one’s pieces across the hexagram shaped board to the opposite corner, using single step moves or jumps.  In our version, the pieces are made from pastel, speckled sugar-shell Easter eggs filled with rich hazelnut praline, and the winner takes all. Custom made especially for Sorry Thanks I Love You, Speckled Egg Checkers comes with extra eggs for bartering, inedible player pieces for longevity, and is available in very limited quantities.

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Game includes:

Polished wooden checker board (28cm diameter)
90 hazelnut praline speckled Easter eggs (60 for playing, 30 extra)
60 player pieces (plastic)
Rule sheet


Our order cut-off for Easter delivery is Sunday 14 April 2019.


Gift wrapped
Polished Board (28cm diameter)
90 hazelnut praline speckled Easter eggs
60 player pieces
Rule sheet
Gift wrapped


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