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Crowther Plant Avocado Pink TShirt

From Margate With Love


This loose-fitting tshirt owes its perfect pastel hue to the humble avocado seed.  The tannin of the avocado’s red pit binds perfectly to Crowther Plant’s organic, English-milled cotton. The garment is washed in Margate saltwater by the designer himself so that it stays fast and feels crunchy to the touch. Because of this extraordinary manufacturing process, each piece is completely unique.





More Info

Crowther Plant

Catherine Crowther and Emrys Plant’s love of the wild, windswept surroundings of Margate is the reason they started their sustainable, anti-seasonal label. Their organic cotton clothing is all milled in England and dyed by their own hands in the outdoors with natural indigo and avocado dyes, before being plunged into the sea to ensure colour-fastness, a unique feel, and good luck.  

Care instructions

Cold hand wash separately. Do not tumble dry.


Gift wrapped
Loose fit
Organic cotton
Avocado Dyed


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