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Commune de Paris x La Charantaise Tcha Slippers

Viva La France


The classic French house shoe, La Charantaise, has been in production since the 17th century. This iteration is handmade from heavy wool felt and fitted with a sturdy leather sole  In the spirit of their Parisian ancestors, Commune de Paris is a brand that embraces independence, audacity and freedom in fashion.

Commune De Paris

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Despite insisting that their brand is apolitical, Alexandre Maisetti and Sebastian Lysky have rebellious French blood beating through their veins.  Named after the revolution that changed the course of modern French history, Commune de Paris is the work of two Parisians who have been described as insolent, insubordinate and ruthless.

Care Instructions

Hand wash.


Gift wrapped
True to size
Straight cut
Velcro removable pocket
Italian collar
Button placket


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